Our Supply Chain

Step 1: Forest Collection

Our Team of experts go through the mighty forests of the Himalayas for collecting the sacred crops of the following dry fruits.

– Cone Shelling
– Pine Nuts

Step 2: Transportation

After the collecting team has hand-picked the fruits, they are collected, cleaned, and packed according to centuries old cold water techniques. The produce is then transported from the mountain ranges to the processing sites in Lahore.

Step 3: Shelling

The arrived produce is then processed according to our standards and then the following steps are performed by our expert team:

– Moisture Control
Sun dried

Step 4: Sorting

Once the process of sun drying along with moisture control is completed, all the ready and processed batches are sorted according to the grading standard set by our Quality Assurance Team. The produce is then sorted and separated in the following categories:

– High grade
– Standard grade 

Step 5: Packaging

Once the produce is divided according to the grades by our team. The packaging process is started. At Lord Of The Himalayas we process the packages for two different types of groups

– Bulk
Private Label


Step 6: Shipment

All the goods that are processed are shipped to all the countries where Lord Of The Himalayas operate. The top countries for our exports are following:

– United Kingdom
– United States

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